International Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water is an International Organization that supports and promotes the principles of the United Nations 21st Agenda on the Environment. Conducts worldwide research on water and humanitarian issues and their ensuing relationship with the environment. By way of information dissemination and education, promotes communication and cooperation between the peoples of the world. Advises on increasing the efficiency of existing and the introduction of new technologies.

Information production is no longer enough, information needs to be debated, set in a socio-cultural economic context and must be the result of a participatory process as opposed to the window dressing exercise of consultation.

Working in cooperation with Chinese Central Government Departments the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO), supported by the World Bank, World Food Programme the International Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water (IFPDW) will present the “Essence of Life” an interactive documentary of China’s Water Heritage.

What must be the most extensive and comprehensive program of its type undertaken in China the “Essence of life” – Documentary’s purpose is to inform, advise and develop awareness thus empower people with knowledge about water and the concept of protecting their water. The significance is obvious. It not only offers valuable information and perspectives on the water issue, it also helps Government, International Organizations and International Water Groups to understand China.

Yours faithfully,

Grant Hoskins


International Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water

The preservation and safe keeping of fresh clean drinking water for future generations is a truly international concern.

Water is the most fragile essential element of human life.

The world will run out of drinking water before it runs out of oil.

Most people in so called developed countries and cities, already use bottled or treated water. Virus and germs that already infest the world’s water are responsible for more deaths than malnutrition.

Our work includes:

  • United Nations Charter. To co-ordinate, initiate and support activities, which relate to the aims and purposes of the UN Charter
  • Testing of water from many sources of supply in situ
  • Reporting of water safety status for local Government and community boards
  • Education about water preservation procedures to enable people to help themselves
  • Endorsement of seal-worthy distributors
  • Research and Development of new technology and fine turning of existing technology to protect drinking water
  • Field Action via mobile units