The Education Road Show – Seminar & Communication Program will travel as a self-contained seminar facility in purpose built road trucks. The focal point the seminar room will be erected at each destination. Supporting educational material, forum displays and reference material will be carried by the convoy. The road show is scheduled to visit 120 destinations over the next three years.


Education is a pivotal component of the Five-Year Plan. To various degrees it is party to and plays a roll in all the programs encompassed by the plan.


The Education Road Show – Seminar & Communication Program presents programs specifically concerned with facilitating the Foundations commitments under the Five-Year Plan.


These programs enjoy the support of both Central and Regional Government, United Nations Departments, International Organizations and professional agencies at senior level. In its projects the Foundation not only assists by providing knowledge in contemporary formats it also places considerable emphasis on the soul searching heart felt aspect of these issues, employing various and flexible forms of education to realize its goals.


Education; be it, by information dissemination, technical training or intellectual study, empowers the recipient with knowledge.


  • Regional Education Activity Projects

These projects bring the concept of “water resource protection” to civilian life. These are influential promotional projects, which include high levels of community involvement, competitions, benefit performances, summer camps, exhibitions, natural tourism activities.


Harness the power of the mass media’s, to provide the maximum exposure for the concepts that so desperately need to be recognized and addressed. Place the overall concept in perspective, by providing abundant and vivid in-depth content that gives the issues a human face. Reach out, contact and touch the people.


  • Publication

Free publications are to be supplied to readers of all ages and levels of knowledge. These publications are to be supplied for the benefit of the people especially the young who will benefit the most from being armed with such knowledge.


  • Management Training

By inviting overseas experts to work in association with local experts enhance the quality of instruction at management level. Comprehensive training of managers and decision-makers enhances the efficiency and ability of the people and ultimately office resources.


  • Water Forums

Water forums are to be held at a regional level. The forums will address issues that will be topical in the foreseeable future. Foreign and local experts, international representations and active decision-makers will host and/or participate in these events, bringing with them new methodology and concepts.