This program was devised to harness the power of the mass media’s, to provide the maximum exposure for the concepts that so desperately need to be recognized and addressed. Placing the overall concept in perspective, by providing abundant and vivid in-depth content that gives the issues a human face. Interest feeds knowledge and knowledge fuels inspiration that empowers the spirit.


The International Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water (IFPDW) with this program, presents in cooperation with the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in association with other International Organizations and the Chinese Government, major documentaries for television


Traveling through China on field trips our presenter and bi-cultural Chinese/European investigation team will follow the rivers and waterways, visit sites and analyze ecosystems. The team will explore and record the historical, cultural, natural, environmental and industrial relationships, between the people, nature and their water asset.


Host world-renowned experts, Government Officials, both Chinese and Foreign Professors and Industry Representatives concerned with the sustainable utilization of water and environment resources.


Talk and consult with local and foreign experts, farmers, social workers, local and regional media, local industry, volunteers and school children.


The Foundation supports and promotes the principles of the United Nations 21st Agenda on the Environment. Conducts worldwide research on water and humanitarian issues and their ensuing relationship with the environment. By way of projects within this program facilitate information dissemination and education, promote communication and cooperation between the peoples of the world. Advises on increasing the efficiency of existing and introduction of new technologies.


Our goals are:


  • To select different topics in different areas all relating to the main subject.
  • Examine from a unique point of view, the overall concept in perspective, providing abundant and vivid in-depth content.
  • To examine and analyze the existing state of local water resources, to reflect on the effort which the Government has put into the protection of such resources.
  • To facilitate communication between Chinese and Foreign Professors and explore the different culture of Eastern and Western Countries.
  • To search for fresh water sources, identity and record such sources as we locate them during the trip. Promote the adoption of the ‘Standards’ and ‘Code of Practice’ of the IFPDW.
  • To provide a definitive record of the endeavor as a point of reference for future programs.


According to the different topics, renowned professors and experts in their field from China and Foreign Countries will be invited to interact with Engineers, Government Officers, Corporate and Group decision makers, representatives for children, workers from all kinds of vocations, all of whom will be participating in the program.




This program will be established as a comprehensive talk show at CCTV Studio after the fieldtrip. All the guests, professors, experts, common workers who participate in the fieldtrip will join in the talk show. They will discuss the problems they found during the trip and also provide their suggestion.


With water becoming the most pressing global issue of our future, this documentary will make a significant and influential statement.


Project by project, CCTV film crews will accurately record every facet of the journeys at all levels, local news and media reports will unite people in the despair of failure and happiness of success. Efficiently promote the concepts of water protection and provide scientific statistics and accordingly recommend solutions to local Governments.

The first of these projects, a 1000-minute Special Interest documentary will be edited into twenty 25-minute episodes. This documentary is intended for distribution both within China and overseas syndication to Universities, Educational programs and Local Governments as a source of reference, based in sound scientific principles that accurately describe the efforts China has already dedicated to this issue and their future plans.


This documentary will first screen during peak time on CCTV. 500 million viewers view this central TV station, on average, daily. It is envisaged that this huge production will act as a catalyst for the future development of the people’s respect and awareness of the water issue.


Full color photographic editorial Trip Journals will be published in Chinese, English and French providing further opportunity for sponsors.