Do you know?The world will run out of drinking water before it runs out of oil!

Most people in so called developed countries and cities, already use bottled or treated water!

Virus and germs that already infest the world’s water are responsible for more deaths than malnutrition.

Only 2.5% of the entire world’s available water is safe to use in its natural state.

Counterfeiting of bottled water i.e. same bottle same label filled from a local tap, is a serious problem that is under mining the integrity of the industry and consumer faith in the products safety.

Of the four elements, that are essence of life, Water, Air, Fire, Earth;

Water is the most fragile!

The preservation or safe keeping of this resource for future generations is of a truly International concern.

These elements of our survival, know, no political or physical boundaries. They alone dictate our existence and continuance as a global family.

“When they are gone we are gone”


Trained field staff equipped with mobile testing units carry out spot checks and take samples of water from many sources of supply. Inspection of the delivery system is carried out in situ and water samples are sent to central laboratories for comprehensive analysis.


A standard safety status report is prepared on both the delivery system and the water. This providing useful information and statistics for local Government and community boards.


Education plays a major role in the preservation of the water resource at a local level and empowers the people to help themselves, creating a valuable strong link between them and their environment. This is achieved by way of lectures and videos describing correct procedures and hygiene.


The Foundation has a progressive and informative endorsement program whereby distributors that meet the required standards receive approval to seal their products. In association with local government and newspapers a list of seal-worthy distributors is published in local, regional and National papers.

This list of approved distributors will also be supplied to government-approved inbound tour operators who will make it available for tourists.

Research and Development

Our opportunities to explore our environment expand daily, understanding the problem is paramount to being able to solve it, with the use of modern technology research into the problem is providing valuable data to assist with its solution. At the Foundation we are committed to both developing new technology and fine turning the existing technology to be able to provide the tools we need to accomplish our goal.

Field Action

The development of mobile units has enabled the Foundation to provide in situ solutions for the supply of fresh safe water to areas that would otherwise had to suffer for years to come, due to their geographical location, size or financial ability to afford this equipment.

From the purification plants to the testing teams and educationalists
“We will be out there.”

Why does the Foundation need funding?
Our testing, reporting and research facilities cost around $2,500,000 a year to deliver. Cost includes all the overheads of any business, wages, salaries, communications, premises and training.

The International Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water, is registered under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

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The International Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water

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